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Ian O. Smith

Disability Insurance Attorney

Since 2002, Ian has been representing sick and injured people who are coping with serious medical conditions.  They find themselves riddled with pain and fatigue, unable to work, and receiving Social Security disability benefits . . . yet the insurers to which they pay premiums refuse to recognize that they are disabled.  No matter how severe their conditions and symptoms, the insurance companies insist they are in good health and can work full-time.  Ian helps people facing this frustrating and financially paralyzing struggle.  For over 15 years, he has worked with clients from all walks of life and helped them secure the disability insurance benefits they deserve.

Through his dedication to a single practice area, Ian has become one of the leading claimant/plaintiff disability insurance benefit attorneys on the east coast.  Other attorneys dabble in this area, but it is the only type of work Ian does.  Ian has successfully resolved many employee benefit (ERISA) and privately purchased insurance policy cases.  He regularly achieves prompt monthly benefit reinstatements, lump sum settlements, and policy buyouts, often without time-consuming litigation.

Ian was raised in Connecticut and graduated from Trinity College (B.A., 1995) and the University of Connecticut School of Law (J.D., 1999).  He has never represented an insurance company of any type in any matter.

To discuss your disability insurance dispute or learn more about his unique practice, please contact Ian.




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Tolland, CT  06084

Selected Representative Matters

  • Provencher et al. v. Pfizer, Inc.
    3:00-cv-2358(CFD)(D. Conn.)
  • DiAmore v. Am. Honda Motor Co., Inc.
    3:01-cv-961(EBB)(D. Conn.)
  • Parisi v. UnumProvident Corp. et al.
    3:03-cv-1425(DJS)(D. Conn.)
  • Levine v. Webster Ins., Inc.
    3:03-cv-148(SRU)(D. Conn.)
  • Isaac v. Highmark Life Ins. Co.
    3:03-cv-1671(JBA)(D. Conn.)
  • Bregman v. Hartford Life and Accident Ins. Co. et al.
    3:04-cv-01657(CFD)(D. Conn.)
  • Maretz v. Life Ins. Co of N. America et al. (CIGNA)
    3:04-cv-1925(WWE)(D. Conn.)
  • Bobrow v. UnumProvident Corp. et al.
    3:04-cv-02164(SRU)(D. Conn.)
  • Sublette et al. v. Federal Express Corp. et al.
    2:04-cv-03013-SHM-TMP (W.D. Tenn.)
  • Bernat v. Gentex Optics, Inc.
    04-0058-FDS (D. Mass.)
  • Thompson v. New England Mechanical Servs., Inc.
    CV-04-0083913-S (Conn. Super.)
  • Len v. BICC General Cable
    CV-02-564021-S (Conn. Super.)
  • Gines v. Albertson’s
    CIV 04-575-S-LMB (D. Idaho)
  • Lavoie v. SBC Communications, Inc. et al.
    3:04-cv-1116(CFD)(D. Conn.)
  • Trella v. CIGNA Group Ins. et al.
    2005 WL 1813278 (D. Conn. June 27, 2005)
  • Stevens v. Coach USA et al. )
    2005 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 19889 (D. Conn. Sept. 8, 2005
  • Bishop et al. v. Lucent Technologies, Inc. et al.
    2:05-CV-00003-ALM-TPK (S.D. Ohio)
  • Burns v. SBC Communications, Inc. et al.
    3:05-cv-393(SRU)(D. Conn.)
  • Towner v. CIGNA Life Ins. Co. of New York et al.
    2006 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 9877 (D. Conn. Mar. 7, 2006)
  • Mikrut v. Unum Life Ins. Co. of America
    2006 WL 3791417 (D. Conn. Dec. 21, 2005)
  • US Airways, Inc. et al. v. Ruggiero
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  • Albuck v. Life Ins. Co. of N. America et al. (CIGNA)
    3:06-cv-0166(SRU)(D. Conn.)
  • Miner v. Liberty Life Assur. Co. of Boston
    3:06-cv-256(DJS)(D. Conn.)
  • Goldberg v. The United Illuminating Pension Plan et al.
    3:06-cv-01358(AHN)(D. Conn.)
  • Richards et al. v. Fleetboston Fin. Corp. et al.
    427 F.Supp. 2d 150 (D. Conn. 2006)
  • GE Group Life Assur. Co. v. Kurczak
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  • Thompson et al. v. Linvatec Corp. et al.
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  • Champagnie et al. v. Kaufman et al.
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  • Reese v. CIGNA Life Ins. Co. of New York et al.
    3:07-cv-87(AWT)(D. Conn.)
  • Rabinowitz et al. v. City of Hartford
    HHD-cv-07-5008403 (Conn. Super.)
  • Soucy v. First Unum Life Ins. Co.
    3:07-cv-467(RNC)(D. Conn.)
  • Schumacher v. Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. et al.
    3:07-cv-230(AHN)(D. Conn.)
  • Girardin v. Life Ins. Co. of N. America (CIGNA)
    3:11-cv-01564(SRU)(D. Conn.)
  • DeLorenzo v. Unum Life Ins. Co. of America
    3:11-cv-01926(MRK)(D. Conn.)
  • E.R. v. UnitedHealthcare Ins. Co.
    3:14-cv-1657(CSH)(D. Conn.)
  • Piche v. Standard Ins. Co.
    3:15-cv-01088(AVC)(D. Conn.)
  • Samantha S. v. Anthem Health Plans
    3:15-cv-01085(MPS)(D. Conn.)
  • Doe v. Anthem Health Plans
    CV-15-5040042-S (Conn. Super.)
  • A.W. v. J.P. Morgan Chase Medical Plan et al.
    3:16-cv-00142(RNC)(D. Conn.)
  • Benjamin v. Oxford Health Ins., Inc.
    3:16-cv-00408(AWT)(D. Conn.)
  • Brown v. Emcor Group Inc. Medical HSA Plan et al.
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  • Doe v. Oxford Health Ins. Inc.
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  • Volza v. Prudential Ins. Co.
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  • Beardsley v. Hartford Fire Insurance Company
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